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  With the acceleration of the urbanization process, especially the rapid improvement of living standards, the demand for clothing is becoming higher and higher, and the logistics and transportation requirements for various types of clothing are becoming higher and higher. Due to the various service levels in the logistics market, most logistics providers do not pay special attention to the packaging of goods in logistics operations, resulting in frequent packaging extrusion deformation or even damage in the process of logistics transportation, and food waste It has become a problem for cities to arrive at sales stores, and the occurrence of sales damage due to broken packaging has repeatedly occurred, which has a serious negative impact on the brand image of clothing. Establishing a scientific, efficient, safe and reasonable logistics service system and improving the quality of logistics service operations have become the only way for the logistics development of the apparel industry.

1. Explanation of the logistics plan

     •. Program Description
   Due to the fact that most logistics packages for shoes and apparel are packed in cartons, and the carton hardness is generally low, according to this feature, Fast Logistics adopts the method of loading and transporting with closed box cars and plywood interlayer cushions in logistics transportation to avoid cargo transportation. The transportation scheme of the box deformation and damage caused by the extruding of the middle box and the excessive load on the upper layer has greatly reduced the frequency of accidents and ensured the safety of cargo transportation.
     • Scheme principle
     The whole box truck transportation avoids the squeezing of the sealed car during the transportation and loading and unloading and the collision between the goods during transportation, ensuring the integrity of the goods packaging.
     The plywood interlayer cushions to avoid the cargo box shape caused by the gravity squeezing of the lower layer cargo caused by the high load of the box body during cargo transportation.

 2. Logistics Quality

  Transportation by this scheme can effectively avoid the deformation and damage of the packaging of shoes and clothing during the logistics transportation process, and ensure the integrity of the sales packaging when the goods are delivered to the store.

 3. Features

• The whole box car transportation, avoid squeezing during cargo loading and unloading, collision between cargos, and humidity during transportation

• The interlayer plywood cushion effectively reduces the pressure on the interlayer and reduces the deformation rate of the box
• The POD site express returns on the same day to ensure the timeliness of the return receipt
• Logistics ERP system full information management, real-time query of cargo transportation status