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Industry characteristics

 The kitchen utensils currently on the market, based on the analysis of the surface layer material, mainly have the following 8 combinations: stainless steel countertops, melamine flame retardant cabinet doors; stainless steel countertops, fireproof arc doors; stainless steel countertops, doors and barrels ; Fireproof board countertops, melamine board door leaves; fireproof board countertops, door leaves; domestic artificial marble countertops, fireproof door doors; imported artificial crystal stone countertops, fireproof door doors; imported solid surface countertops, fireproof door doors, etc. These materials can be grouped into 4 categories, their characteristics are as follows:

1. The packaging of stainless steel kitchenware is easy to break;
2. The capability of fireproof board materials and kitchen utensils is better than that of stainless steel, with good processing performance, decoration and anti-fouling ability;
3. Kitchenware made of artificial marble material: strong decoration, good fire resistance, easy to bump and damage during logistics transportation;
4. Solid surface material: decorative, fireproof and anti-pollution performance are very good, but the price is too expensive, the average family can not afford it, so the current market is based on fireproof board as the dominant material for household kitchen appliances.