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Industry characteristics
 The cosmetics industry has its own distinctive features. There are many types and models of products, the market demand changes rapidly, and the relationship between manufacturers and distributors and retailers is very close. Therefore, a good distribution management solution must achieve integrated management of information flow, logistics, and capital flow, and at the same time help enterprises effectively manage the sales network and respond to market changes quickly. In addition, other factors such as cost savings, ease of operation, openness and scalability should be considered.
The following specifically analyzes the needs of the cosmetics industry:
    First of all, the biggest feature of the cosmetics industry is that there are many types and models of products, such as lipsticks. A brand of lipsticks will have dozens of colors.
    Secondly, cosmetics logistics needs to rationally use the resources of the sales network, reduce the capital occupancy on the sales network, optimize the operation and monitoring of logistics, capital flow and information flow, increase the capital turnover speed and reduce the intermediate inventory.
    Third, cosmetics logistics transportation management is a complicated project, which requires not only a logistics supply chain management system, but also other management software such as ERP. Therefore, the supply chain management software should be very open and have an open interface.