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Classification of service

Shanghai logistics service classification

According to customer requirements

By goods industry

Shanghai logistics company / highway trunk transportation classification

According to the time limit of transportation

By destination

Shanghai logistics company / storage service classification

By demand

By warehouse category

Shanghai logistics company / by service nature

Collection of payment

Insured transportation

Safety packaging

Sign for return

freight inquiry

Shanghai logistics company / e-commerce logistics classification

Classification by demand

Shanghai logistics company / select according to cold chain temperature

Constant temperature transportation

Refrigerated transportation



Industry characteristics
 The logistics of the advertising product industry has distinctive characteristics. The products are widely distributed and cover almost all major provinces of the country, including agents of all levels and sizes. The products are mainly based on the customer's promotional period. Each batch is large and the invention time is tight. The quantity of each end customer is small, the types of goods are not standardized, and the packaging is not neat.

1. Fully understand the customer's needs and deliver it at the fastest and most economical logistics cost.

2. For the problem of small quantity and many types of customers, we carry out sorting and labeling of different categories when picking in the warehouse, which is convenient for subsequent transportation and distribution.
3. For customers, we are divided into agents and customers of the convention center, and develop logistics plans separately to facilitate the end customer's receipt and material recovery.