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1. Introduction

Suzhou Express Cargo Co., Ltd. is a third-party logistics supply chain company specializing in road freight transportation, warehousing and logistics, packaging, urban distribution, cold chain, air transportation and freight forwarding. The main business scope undertakes the whole-vehicle and LTL round-trip transportation business nationwide. Since its establishment, we have continuously innovated service models and improved service quality. Suzhou Fast Express has been established since 2011 and has grown into a company with integrated logistics supply chain protection as the main body, combined transportation, logistics, cross-border, warehousing and supply chain. The comprehensive logistics supplier is well received and recognized by new and old customers.
We fight side by side with our business partners every day to witness the complex and vast Chinese market, the complex and ever-changing operating environment and the ever-changing consumer demand. Fast Logistics has always been committed to the smooth flow of things, making complexity easy, making pressure easy, and making daily life colorful. To this end, we try to solve the logistics problems caused by volume, time and distance, and further illuminate every link of the journey with intimate comprehensive services.
It makes the transportation of large and small goods easy, and the transportation is full of pleasure.

2. Joining the project


  •. E-commerce joining


  Fast Logistics is one of the earliest professional service providers to enter the field of e-commerce logistics in China. It has nearly 10 years of senior e-commerce logistics experience and is proficient in the warehouse requirements and operation procedures of major platforms. It has established a good relationship with Watsons, Tmall, JD.com, Suning, No. 1 Store, RT-Mart, Wal-Mart and many other platforms. Its strong strength and quality services have won unanimous praise and favor from customers, and has become a platform for many e-commerce customers. Warehouse's preferred logistics partner.

This product includes e-commerce warehousing, Watsons warehousing, e-commerce distribution, e-commerce logistics, e-commerce warehousing, etc.


  • Warehouse with one


  Express Logistics can provide you with professional warehousing and logistics distribution services.

  Fast Logistics implements the "expert + butler" operation mode. Relying on the strong transportation strength of the fleet, Yingmai Logistics fully covers the logistics transportation network of cities in various regions of the country, providing you with cost-effective cargo transportation services.

In terms of warehousing, it covers Shanghai, Beijing, Hebei, Guangdong, Hubei and Sichuan as the center, with 500,000 square meters of modern warehousing. With a perfect WMS storage management system, scientific and professional storage management concepts and modern storage facilities, the expert-level logistics team provides you with a "butler-style" storage rental service for you.

  • Supply chain solutions


  Fast Logistics has the ISO9001 quality certification issued by the SGS certification agency, an expert-level logistics team, rigorous processes and standardized operations. He has 15 years of experience in supply chain solutions operation in the professional fields of electronic products, medicine, chemical industry, cold chain, fast moving consumer goods, apparel, auto parts, and large-scale mechanical equipment.

With its strong strength and high-quality service, Fasttime Logistics has won unanimous praise from the world's top 500 and well-known brands at home and abroad, and has a certain influence in the domestic third-party logistics industry.

3.mature franchise model

  Fast Time Logistics implements the regional franchise model. The regional franchise mode is to authorize a certain region to the franchise applicants who have passed the qualification assessment, and authorize them to use the Yingmai logistics brand to operate the logistics business.

Franchisees need to take the operation of Fast Logistics as their long-term business. After passing the qualification confirmation, they need to perform their own site selection, preparation for opening, organization of the fleet, etc. Having a certain economic foundation and experience in logistics, as well as following the business guidance of Fast Logistics, will be the key to your success.


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