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 The development of modern logistics has promoted efficient and convenient cargo transportation, and has also caused problems such as cargo damage during transportation. Fast Time Logistics pursues the value of "customer first" and supports value-insured transportation of transported goods.

     Value-insured transportation refers to a special form of transportation based on the value of the goods declared by the shipper and determined by the shipper and the logistics company. For goods transported at an insured price, the consignor must pay a certain insured fee in addition to the transportation cost.

 ★ In the insured transportation, if the goods are completely lost, compensation shall be made according to the declared price of the goods; if the goods are partially damaged or destroyed, compensation shall be made according to the actual loss; if the actual loss of the goods is higher than the declared price, compensation shall be made at the declared price; The repair fee plus the repair and delivery fee shall be compensated.

    In the process of cargo transportation, Fast Time Logistics strives to ensure that the goods are intact and intact, and for the loss and damage of the goods, contact the customer as soon as possible to compensate, effectively safeguard the customer's economic interests, and let the customer feel at ease, worry, and rest assured.