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E-commerce logistics sorting and packaging

As the e-commerce industry continues to grow, the logistics industry is also constantly adapting to market needs to improve its business level. The e-commerce logistics company will talk about the sorting and packaging of e-commerce logistics and express delivery.

1. Sorting of goods:
 Sorting equipment:
Automatic identification and scanning of PDA sorting (intelligent terminal), fruit sorting cart, seed sorting cart, positioning sorting cart, integrated sorting cart, climbing car, etc

 Sorting strategy:
①Batch sorting: also known as sowing sorting, it refers to the mode adopted by the same variety (SKU).
② Sorting by order: It is also called fruit sorting, which refers to the sorting mode that is used when the varieties (SKU) of multiple orders are the same and relatively few.
 Sorting system:
It can automatically calculate the information required for sorting such as product position, volume, required packaging materials and sorting path, and process it intelligently.
According to the product order information, the Yanghe sorter sorts the products, and the Yingmai system can automatically calculate the sorting information between the product location and the order.

2.the packaging of goods:

★ Packaging Equipment:
Adjustable and comfortable fast sorting table, automatic packing machine, automatic transmission line, manual transmission line.
 Packaging tools:
Multifunctional packaging table, baler, carton sealer, carton sealer, wallpaper knife.
 Packaging Materials:
Carton of various specifications, plastic packaging bags, vacuum film, bubble film, bubble bags, foam board, pearl cotton, sealing tape, sealing stickers, strapping tape, etc.
 Packing mode:
1. Original packaging: the original packaging of the product is processed by the shipping waybill
2. Original packaging filling: Place the filler in the original packaging and then carry out the packing and shipping waybill out of the warehouse
3. Secondary packaging: put the original packaging items into the customized carton and then carry out the packing and shipping waybill out of the warehouse
4. Secondary packaging and filling: Place the filler in the external secondary packaging box and then carry out the sealing and shipping waybill out of the warehouse.
5. Secondary packaging protection: wind the anti-seismic materials such as bubble film outside the external secondary packaging box and then carry out the sealing and shipping waybill out of the warehouse.
 Packaging system:
The Instant ERP system has the functions of automatically calculating the volume of items, matching the required packaging consumables, scanning and repeating the core and other intelligent management.
According to the characteristics of the customer's product, Fast Time chooses the appropriate packaging mode, all using I-shaped + T-shaped sealing, which reduces the risk of damage or loss of internal parts caused by the distribution process and improves the image of product packaging.