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Classification of service

Shanghai logistics service classification

According to customer requirements

By goods industry

Shanghai logistics company / highway trunk transportation classification

According to the time limit of transportation

By destination

Shanghai logistics company / storage service classification

By demand

By warehouse category

Shanghai logistics company / by service nature

Collection of payment

Insured transportation

Safety packaging

Sign for return

freight inquiry

Shanghai logistics company / e-commerce logistics classification

Classification by demand

Shanghai logistics company / select according to cold chain temperature

Constant temperature transportation

Refrigerated transportation

E-commerce logistics services

Express Logistics provides various channels and various forms of e-commerce logistics services.

Service Content:
(1) Loading and unloading, incoming quality inspection, inventory tally, cargo sorting, etc.
(2) Cargo packaging and sub-packaging, labels, promotional items packaging, packaging replacement, etc.
Service object:
1. Daily use items: toiletries, household items, decorative items, cosmetics, bedding, and clothing items.
2. Foods: Puffed foods, confectionery and chocolate, beverages, wines, condiments.
What value can the flat warehousing business bring to the above four types of customers?
l Fast and accurate access:
The import and export operations adopt pallet stacking, and the import and export warehouse adopts standardized, standardized, process and mechanized import and export management, which provides a strong guarantee for customers to import and export goods.
l Convenient and timely information:
Express Logistics provides real-time query and statistical services for stored goods through dedicated personnel management, which is convenient for customers to keep track of the entry and exit of goods and inventory status.
l Zero business risk:
Express Logistics manages the management of the stocked goods and transfers the business risks (fire prevention, anti-theft, flood prevention, and insect prevention) to the insurance company.
l Convenient, flexible and practical:
Fast Logistics realizes multi-warehouse, multi-shipper and multi-location management, supports reasonable mixed stacking management of different types of warehouses, provides multiple goods inspection strategies and multiple picking modes, and can customize the safety stock of the warehouse according to customer requirements. Inventory, minimum inventory, order point, and provide inventory warning and product expiration warning service.
E-commerce logistics service is not only a service, but also a corporate image.