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  Fast Logistics has a standardized warehouse of 20,000 square meters in Jiading. It has a professional supplier management system, TMS system, WMS / RF system (warehousing management system), ERP system, including storage management, document management, transportation management and financial management. The warehouse adopts epoxy floor, and has professional storage facilities such as automatic lifting and unloading platform, 24-hour monitoring facilities and fire sprinkler. The warehouse is also equipped with unloading equipment such as 2.5-ton forklifts and push forklifts.

★  Fast and convenient logistics close to high-speed transportation;
★ Excellent location and superior environment.
★  Storage personnel regularly clean up the work of moisture, dust and pollution prevention, and ensure the safety of the goods within 24 hours;

★ If customers need to provide cargo custody, sub-packaging, distribution and transportation services;