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 ★ Fast Time Logistics insists on "customer first", and has 15 years of comprehensive logistics operation experience in the professional fields of electronic products, medicine, chemical industry, cold chain, fast-moving consumer goods, clothing, auto parts, and large-scale mechanical equipment. The "housekeeping logistics" service has won high recognition from the world's top 500 and well-known brands at home and abroad.

  ★ Fast-speed logistics automation three-dimensional efficient and fast storage cargo warehouse


  Automated three-dimensional warehouse is a new concept emerging in logistics warehousing. The difference from the traditional flat warehouse is that it uses the three-dimensional warehouse equipment, which has the advantages of rationalization of the high-level warehouse, automatic access, and simple operation. It is usually managed by computer and bar code technology. Automated warehouse has become the most common form of storage in modern warehousing.

Its main body is composed of shelves, roadway stacking cranes, entry (exit) warehouse worktables, and automatic transportation (exit) and operation control systems. Shelf is a building or structure with steel structure or reinforced concrete structure. Inside the shelf is a standard size cargo space. The roadway stacking crane travels through the roadway between the shelves to complete the work of storage and pickup.
Speed Logistics uses three-dimensional shelves to store bulk goods with many types and small specifications. In this way, the utilization rate of the storage space can be maximized, and at the same time, the intelligent operation also greatly improves the efficiency of the goods sorting and storage.

 ★  All-time logistics and warehousing integration services:


  With the development of modern economy, the role of warehousing becomes more and more prominent: warehousing is one of the important links of commodity circulation and an important pillar of logistics activities. Integrating various cargoes of different specifications for storage can effectively reduce logistics costs and improve logistics efficiency, thereby promoting social and economic development.

      In order to realize the modern management of the warehouse, Fasttime Logistics has improved the functions of the warehouse and completed the mechanization, automation and information management upgrade of the warehousing service.
    Adhering to the value of "customer first", Fast Logistics strives to provide each customer with a "housekeeping" integrated warehouse service.