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Warehouse Logistics

Fast Logistics can provide customers with "butler-style" warehousing and transportation services. These services include services such as selecting and selecting storage locations, formulating warehouse management systems, optimizing storage management processes, and rationally controlling inventory levels:

  Main modes of warehousing services

  Exclusive storage service:

  For customers with high warehousing needs, Express Logistics can provide exclusive customizations to meet their individual needs for warehousing locations, scale, management, etc.

      Fast Time Logistics will provide customers with sufficient manpower, material resources, hardware and software equipment facilities to ensure the best implementation of warehousing. At the same time, it will optimize the operation process, effectively reduce inventory risks and management costs, and ensure the maximum economic benefits of customers.


 Shared warehousing services:

 For general warehousing needs of customers, Express Logistics will also provide a more cost-effective shared warehousing service. Reduce the storage and transportation costs of customers by sharing storage space, manpower, equipment and facilities, and transportation services. In addition, relying on professional WMS warehouse management system and 24/7 real-time monitoring system, you will get professional high-quality warehousing services.

Value-added services:
In addition to warehousing and transportation services, Express Logistics can also provide you with a series of value-added services, including: collection of goods, sorting of goods packaging, return of orders, scheduled delivery, hardware installation and other logistics services. At the same time, the 15 years of comprehensive logistics operation experience of Fast Time Logistics will minimize the storage and transportation costs and inventory levels for you, streamline costs, and realize the balance between supply and demand and maximize economic benefits.

 Warehouse management content

 Fast Logistics adheres to the "customer first" value, implements the "expert + butler" operating mode, and implements strict professional management of warehousing services.

      Operators in all warehousing positions must pass professional skills examinations and training before they can take up positions. In order to provide customers with better quality warehousing services, Yingmai Logistics will regularly assess the service level of warehousing operators to make customers feel at ease, worry-free and at ease.
1. Objective Management
2. Loading and unloading speed of goods entering and leaving the warehouse
3. Real-time cargo inventory accuracy
4. Timeliness of orders for goods entering and leaving the warehouse
5. Accuracy rate of order processing of goods entering and leaving the warehouse


Process management

 According to the actual warehousing process, Fasttime Logistics clarifies the operation requirements, standards and procedures, and at the same time quantifies the work indicators of each link. Based on the combination of a tailor-made warehousing management system, we strive to improve service and efficiency Technical support, and constantly improve their own service levels, so that you can rest assured.

Information management

  We use the WMS warehousing management system to realize the information management of the warehousing operation process, including the linking instructions, planning, preparation, sorting, packaging, confirmation, data update, and waybill generation;


  Warehouse management real-time monitoring


 Fast Time Logistics respects the scientific and modern modern warehouse management concept. All-weather 24h dedicated management, improve operation accuracy and work efficiency, to ensure the safety of goods.

■ The main value of Express Logistics

  1. Fasttime Logistics has 15 years of comprehensive logistics operation experience in the professional fields of electronic products, medicine, chemical industry, cold chain, fast moving consumer goods, clothing, auto parts, large-scale machinery and equipment. The strong strength and excellent service have won unanimous praise from the world's top 500 and well-known domestic and foreign brands.

       2. Based on the actual needs of customers, provide personalized customization of warehousing and logistics solutions, continue to optimize the operation plan, and reduce customers' inventory and logistics costs.
       3. According to the relevant operational requirements of the project, a reasonable number of professional warehouse management personnel are equipped to improve the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse management, reduce warehouse operation costs, and improve the economic benefits of customers.

       4. Perfect WMS storage management system and scientific and professional modern storage management concept can provide different customers with medium and long-term, diversified, 24-hour storage rental services, allowing you to enjoy "housekeeping" storage services.