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Classification of service

Shanghai logistics service classification

According to customer requirements

By goods industry

Shanghai logistics company / highway trunk transportation classification

According to the time limit of transportation

By destination

Shanghai logistics company / storage service classification

By demand

By warehouse category

Shanghai logistics company / by service nature

Collection of payment

Insured transportation

Safety packaging

Sign for return

freight inquiry

Shanghai logistics company / e-commerce logistics classification

Classification by demand

Shanghai logistics company / select according to cold chain temperature

Constant temperature transportation

Refrigerated transportation

Floor match

★ With the development of economy, the floor plan becomes more and more important in the modern logistics industry. The floor distribution is mainly composed of three parts: floor distribution, transshipment in the same city and county, and house service. The industry usually calls it "the last mile", which is the product of the highly developed contemporary logistics.

★  The floor matching service provided by Fasttime Logistics covers core e-commerce services such as unpacking and inspection, half-collect and half-refund, night delivery, try-on trial, buy one or two, collect payment, return and exchange. "Floor matching" not only meets the needs of e-commerce for cost, service and customer experience, but also enables logistics to transform and upgrade.

Fast Logistics has nearly 10 years of experience in floor matching business operations, and has provided professional "butler-style" floor matching services for many customers. The strong strength and high quality reputation have won unanimous praise from customers.