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Classification of service

Shanghai logistics service classification

According to customer requirements

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According to the time limit of transportation

By destination

Shanghai logistics company / storage service classification

By demand

By warehouse category

Shanghai logistics company / by service nature

Collection of payment

Insured transportation

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freight inquiry

Shanghai logistics company / e-commerce logistics classification

Classification by demand

Shanghai logistics company / select according to cold chain temperature

Constant temperature transportation

Refrigerated transportation

air transport

 ★ High-speed direct, flexible combination

  Fast Logistics is deeply involved in the domestic third-party logistics market, and has established a long-term cooperative relationship with many airlines and their agencies, adhering to the "customer first" value, providing customers with air transportation services from Suzhou to the whole country, including off-site air transportation services.

  In the future, Express Logistics will also expand and deepen business cooperation with international airlines to provide you with comprehensive logistics services in cross-border e-commerce.