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Precautions for transportation of fresh melons and fruits

When fresh products are transported, it is best to hang them in a refrigerated truck or a transportation vehicle with refrigeration equipment to ensure the freshness of the fresh products. In general, the insurance methods for fruits and vegetables also need to be packed with packaging tools such as cartons and plastic wraps to reduce the loss of fresh food.
In the transportation of fresh food, there are two main issues to be noted:
(1) Temperature monitoring of transportation vehicles. The temperature difference of the vehicle during transportation will affect the fresh activity of fresh products, resulting in cargo damage. Therefore, during transportation, controlling the refrigeration temperature in the vehicle is an important means to reduce the loss rate of fresh products.
(2) Stacking method of transported goods. Due to the irregularity of the shape and physique of vegetables and fruits, as well as its own attribute factors, such fresh products need to consider the flow of airflow and the squeezing between goods when stacking such products It is an important factor that affects the activity of fresh food and the loss of fresh products.