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What are the functions of logistics

Explanation of the concept of logistics:
Logistics (logistics) refers to the use of modern information technology and equipment to provide accurate, timely, safe, quality-guaranteed, door-to-door rational service models and advanced service processes for items from supply to reception. Logistics emerges with the emergence of commodity production and develops with the development of commodity production, so logistics is an ancient traditional economic activity.
The main functions of logistics are:
1. Service business flow
In the business flow activities, the ownership of the goods is transferred from the supplier to the demand side at the moment the purchase and sales contract is signed, and the commodity entity has not moved because of this. In addition to the non-physical delivery of futures transactions, the general business flow must be accompanied by the corresponding logistics process, that is, the commodity entity is transferred from the supplier (seller) to the buyer in an appropriate manner according to the needs of the buyer (buyer). In this entire circulation process, logistics actually appears as the successor and server of the business flow. Without the role of logistics, under normal circumstances, business activities will degenerate into a dead letter. The development of e-commerce needs the support of logistics, which is the reason.
2. Guarantee production
Starting from the procurement of raw materials, it is required to have corresponding logistics activities to put the purchased raw materials in place, otherwise, the entire production process becomes a rice-free cooking; between the various production processes, the logistics process of raw materials and semi-finished products is also required to achieve Liquidity of production. As far as the entire production process is concerned, it is actually a series of logistics activities. Rationalized logistics, reducing costs by reducing transportation costs, reducing capital pressure by optimizing inventory structure, and improving efficiency through strengthening management to effectively promote the improvement of the entire social and economic level.
3. Convenient life
In fact, there is logistics in every aspect of life. Through international transportation, world famous brands can appear on people with different skin colors; through advanced storage technology, fresh fruits and vegetables can be unveiled in any season; the moving company's thoughtful service allows people to move to new homes easily; The baggage consignment service in the form allows people to enjoy a comfortable taste during the journey.
Additional notes:
The function of logistics refers to the basic capabilities of logistics.
Realizing service to users is the overall function of logistics.
Among the specific functions of logistics, storage, transportation and distribution are called the main functions of logistics, packaging, loading and unloading handling and circulation processing are called auxiliary functions of logistics, and information is the main function of logistics.