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Increased transportation costs and thin profits

According to data analysis, since 2016, the dedicated line logistics market has been developing rapidly at a rate of more than 10%, and the prospects are very promising. The fundamental reason for the rapid development of the logistics company's analysis of the special line logistics is that the special line logistics is a bit of "direct" transportation, no distribution, no transfer logistics, and so on. Using dedicated logistics can save costs. Dedicated line logistics is cheaper than logistics management companies, and dedicated line logistics practitioners can make more profits. However, as there are more and more logistics companies, and the experience model is more and more innovative, the dedicated line logistics begins to have a "survival" battle, showing the situation of more wolves and less meat.
1. Increased transportation costs and thin profits
First of all, the logistics company said that the source of profit for dedicated logistics is revenue minus costs. So what are the costs of dedicated logistics?
The cost of dedicated line logistics mainly includes: site rent, employee salaries, fuel costs, office material consumption, forklift pallets, etc. As the economy develops, these costs are constantly increasing.
1. The rent has reached hundreds of thousands
By 2019, the rent of a large factory warehouse has reached more than 100,000, which is still cheap, and even good are hundreds of thousands.
2. Labor costs are getting more expensive
In this era of little money, wages determine which step an employee can do for the company. The wages are not high and there are a lot of people who do not want to work. Labor costs are increasing and will continue to increase in the future.
3. Oil prices rose rapidly
As of the first half of 2019, the national oil price has remained at the beginning of 6, and diesel is still rising.
4. Price increases
With the rapid economic development, prices are also rising, and the cost of consumables accounts for a large part of the expenditure. This part of the expenditure must still be spent, there is no way to reduce it, but in order to maintain the old customers and attract new customers, the income of dedicated logistics Fall again and again.
Second, the market has more wolves and less meat, and the dedicated line has no competitive advantage
Due to the rapid development of the Internet in recent years, the traditional offline transportation mode of dedicated line logistics has been broken, and the price of dedicated lines can only be given back and forth.
1. The impact of the Internet platform is big, taking part of the supply
Now many platforms have launched the mode of direct docking of cargo owners with drivers, allowing dedicated logistics to take another step back. This has resulted in fewer and fewer dedicated logistics resources and difficult survival of dedicated logistics.
2. No differentiated services, leading to difficulty in bargaining
Under normal circumstances, the cargo owner is more concerned about the safety and speed of the goods, but because the operation mode of dedicated line logistics is almost all husband and wife stores, brother stores, the problems can not be solved in time, and the loss of customers is inevitable. In order to maintain the old customers, the price of dedicated line logistics can only be reduced again and again.
3. Family operation, chaotic management
The logistics company mentioned earlier that most of the dedicated line logistics are husband and wife stores, brother stores, and even those who open branches are mostly relatives. The advantage of family businesses is that they have strong cohesion and high trust between each other, but they have little professional ability.
1. Unclear accounts, loss-making profits are not known
Because of its own reasons, general line logistics will not be equipped with a professional accountant, most of them are mistresses, but because they do not have professional accounting knowledge, the accounts are messed up and unreasonable.
2. Low awareness of cargo compensation risks
Logistics companies often face cargo damage. Due to heavy fog, heavy rain, etc., cargo damage and casualties often occur. Once such problems occur, many companies will suffer losses to varying degrees. This is still the case for the company, not to mention the dedicated logistics.
According to the above analysis, the logistics management company said that if dedicated logistics has its own place in the logistics industry, it must be reformed. Logistics companies feel that the change can be started from multiple aspects, do a good job in each link of the transportation process and some problems of logistics inquiry business after-sales, dedicated logistics can still fight for it.