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When the logistics industry has an information "eye"

Informatization is the soul of the modern logistics industry, and the "information islands" cannot be connected, which is a huge obstacle to the transformation and upgrading of the traditional logistics industry.
Informatization is the "eye" of logistics companies. Without "eyes", logistics companies cannot see the light, nor can they see the future.
  The cargo owner does not know where and when the goods can reach the designated place; the logistics enterprise does not know where to get the goods and when to deliver the goods; the owner of the vehicle and the ship arrives at a place with a full load of goods, do not know if they can come back I did n’t know how long it would take to get the goods; the driver did n’t know which road would be smoother, and there was a traffic accident in front of which road ...
  It is precisely because the "information islands" cannot be connected, and each logistics enterprise has no "eyes". They have to go across the river by touching the stones like a blind person, or "ask for directions" or ask others to "lead the way." As a result, logistics efficiency is greatly reduced, and logistics costs are also increased.
  The construction of informatization is as urgent as the eyes of the blind enterprises. But for every enterprise in every link, they cannot afford the huge cost of information development and maintenance. Practice tells us that the improvement of logistics informatization is not the improvement of logistics informatization of an enterprise, a region, and an industry, but the informatization of the transportation logistics industry covering all economic industries, involving all economic processes, and serving the entire national economic society. Overall improvement, this is a vast system engineering.
  The government will undoubtedly become the promoter and builder of this project, and all sectors of society such as enterprises and scientific research institutions should also actively participate to form a joint force for the construction of logistics informationization. We are pleased to see that the competent authorities of the transportation industry are focusing on the construction of an invisible "information highway" as a public information platform for transportation and logistics, just like the construction of visible highways; many central enterprises and scientific research institutes are also taking the lead Out, carrying the banner of exploring the Internet of Things in the car.
  Experts believe that improving the level of logistics industry informatization is a major issue facing all countries in the world, and China has become one of the countries and regions with the largest logistics needs. It is necessary and necessary to seize the commanding heights and voice in the construction of logistics industry informatization.
  From an international perspective, the national transportation logistics public information sharing platform is one of the few information integration systems in China that has the right to speak. China should provide support from the national level to eliminate obstacles, promote and apply this information processing center, and make it bigger and stronger as soon as possible. To promote the deep processing of information flow in the logistics industry, study the new areas of public management provided by the platform, and grasp the right to speak in the international logistics industry in a timely manner.
  Therefore, on the one hand, we must focus on researching the ability of logistics electronic platforms to improve the supply chain, explore the interconnection of customs, railways, waterways, civil aviation and other industries, break through the data link bottlenecks between international, domestic, port, and inland logistics to achieve Information interconnection of nodes such as parks, port areas, and customs supervision areas. On the other hand, it is necessary to study the new public management methods provided by the platform, promote the combination of electronic platforms and the Internet of Things, realize the full tracking of products, and make up for the blind spots in the original logistics stage.
  Equip every enterprise with the "eyes" of informatization, and the logistics industry will usher in a brilliant tomorrow.