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What is the difference between logistics and express delivery?

I believe that everyone will be familiar with express delivery and logistics, especially express delivery. Many people now choose express delivery, and a small number of people choose logistics. Therefore, express delivery and logistics can be sent, but there is still a difference between the two, so what is the difference between logistics and express delivery?
1. From the delivery method. Logistics: Generally not delivered to your door. Door to door, point to point, door to point, etc. It usually costs money to deliver it. Courier: usually delivered to your door. The emphasis is on aging. Signing status, etc.
2. In terms of transportation speed. Logistics will generally be slower, but dedicated logistics will be faster. For example, our company's Wuchang to Shenzhen special, 10 hours, point to point. Courier is sometimes fast, sometimes slow, depending on distance and network. For example, Zhongtong Express usually arrives the next day from Shanghai Hangzhou to Wuchang. It is fast and stable, and the logistics speed is a little slower. How to use dedicated line logistics will be faster, but the price is a little more expensive.
3. From the transportation mode. Courier: Generally, it is on time, on time every day, several buses. To scan, dispatch, sign, track, etc. Logistics: Transportation is generally not fixed, and will not start until the goods are full. It is more cost-effective to have a turning car. Simply put, I will transport your things from place A to place B and give me money. Vehicle LTL etc.
4. From the transportation of goods. Logistics: Generally, it is large, heavy, heavy, irregular, difficult to transport, and one-way. If it can be transported back and forth, it is more profitable. Can send liquid, battery, powder, food, knife and gun, imitation brand and other sensitive goods and some large-scale relatively difficult to get goods. Express delivery: Generally, small pieces of regular goods, some companies are 20kg, some are 50kg, etc. Prohibited goods, liquids, batteries, powders, food, knives and guns prohibited by the state cannot be issued. But can occasionally rush a little.
5. From the price. The price of logistics transportation is quite cheap, but the dedicated logistics will be a little more expensive, because of the speed and the single product. It will also be cheaper to hit the turning car. Fast price comparison fixed first + continued weight, or how much is 1kg. Domestic express and international express are the same. Courier is a fixed frequency.
The above is a detailed introduction about the difference between logistics and express delivery. Friends who need to know can refer to it.
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