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Courier does not deliver courier to your door

The courier does not deliver the courier to the door, but directly chooses to put it in the post. Are you used to it?
Testimonial: Recently, the courier service has not delivered to you. Every time, I send a SMS pickup code and ask myself to pick it up at a rookie post or other courier agent, which adds a lot of trouble to the buyer. Especially when buying heavy objects, it is of course inconvenient to pick up the goods yourself.
In fact, as early as May 1, 2018, China ’s first administrative regulation specifically on the express delivery industry, the "Interim Regulations on Express Delivery," came into effect, aiming at "whether the courier can refuse delivery to the door", "how to claim after delivery is lost" The problem is clearly defined.
However, more than a year after the implementation of the "Regulations", couriers did not deliver goods to the door, and did not seek the recipient's consent to find a collection point and other end service problems still frequently occur.
For couriers, of course, they are more willing to put the courier in the cabinet, because doing so can greatly improve the efficiency of delivery. As an effective solution for the last mile of express delivery, the smart express cabinet has once become a tuyere project. Jingdong Logistics, Cainiao Station, and SF Fengchao are all planning to seize the last mile of the market.
But now, except for SF Express and JD.com, other couriers do not seem to have free "home delivery" service, which makes many people who often shop online at home very helpless. It is puzzling why the online shopping industry is getting better and better today, but the express delivery service is getting worse and worse?
According to the author's understanding, the reason why many courier companies "default" couriers do this is also to consider the efficiency of employees.
Those who have not worked as a courier may not understand the hard work of the courier. Take the example of a courier in a third-tier city. In the morning, more than 100 pieces can be dispatched. The trucks are unloaded and loaded at more than ten o'clock. The average is 30 pieces an hour, and the fastest time is four hours.
Some customers have to wait for 20 minutes to get the courier. When they encounter some electronic products they need to inspect, they need to inspect them for another 20 minutes. Basically, it's more than two o'clock after the delivery. There is no time to eat. In the afternoon, there will usually be dozens of large couriers, which are basically after six o'clock.
However, some people have said that the courier eats this bowl of rice, and feels that they can choose not to do it if they can't work hard. This obviously cannot be a reason for the courier to be lazy.
Take a look at SF Express and JD.com, they will deliver every courier to the door, and will send text messages to customers before they arrive. The service can be said to be very attentive.
No wonder Liu Qiangdong publicly said beforehand that there will be only two private express delivery companies in the future, one is SF Express and the other is JD.com. Looking at the revenue data of Jingdong in 2019, perhaps you can understand the real meaning of Liu Qiangdong's words.
Data show that in 2019, Jingdong Group's annual net income was 576.9 billion yuan (about 82.9 billion US dollars), a year-on-year increase of 24.9%; industry analysts believe that Jingdong's high-quality growth is the most indispensable behind Jingdong Logistics service system.
With the development of the logistics industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for services will become more and more "choosy". Therefore, in the future, service will be a magic weapon for the express delivery industry, rather than a simple "price war".
I don't know what you think about it? Are you used to the days of "get your own delivery"?