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Future logistics "new infrastructure"

In the middle of the night on March 16, Jack Ma posted such a microblog:
"The epidemic is spreading all over the world, and we must run ahead of the virus. Africa's medical resources are relatively scarce. Once it spreads, the consequences are unbearable. African countries can absorb the experience and lessons of various countries, speed up preparations, and take preventive measures.
Ma Yun Charity Foundation and Alibaba Charity Foundation decided: First, donate to each of 54 countries in Africa ... all 6 million masks, 1.1 million kits, 60,000 sets of protective clothing, 60,000 protective masks and other supplies We will be sent to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia ... This disaster is more difficult and long-lasting than expected, and we must do our best to prepare. The past two months have told us that if we take it seriously, we can fully control the spread of the epidemic.
Today we all live in the same forest that is on fire. We are irresponsible for watching, panic, ignorance, inaction and chaos. We must act! "
Earlier in the day, Ma Yun ’s medical supplies donated to Belgium had arrived at the Alibaba Liege eWTP hub (world electronic trading platform); only three days ago, on March 13, the first batch of Ma Yun Charity Foundation, Alibaba The masks donated by the Charity Foundation to Europe will also arrive at the LiWe eWTP hub, and will be quickly transported from Cainiao Logistics to the Italian Red Cross from here.
According to media reports, the eWTP hub of Liege Airport, jointly created by the Belgian government and Alibaba, has become the main channel for China-EU epidemic prevention and economic recovery. In the past two months, multiple cross-border transportation routes have been blocked, and the Liege hub is still operating efficiently. Millions of masks, protective clothing and other materials have passed through here and were transported by Ali Rookie to China and other parts of Europe. Since the resumption of work in China, more than 4 million small and medium-sized business parcels have been delivered to Chinese and European consumers every week.
Similarly, the materials donated by these two charitable foundations to Africa will be shipped to various African countries through the eWTP hub. Prior to November 2019, Ethiopia and Alibaba signed a contract to jointly build eWTP. With the joining of Ethiopia, eWTP has the appearance of the global digital economy "high-speed road network".
Digitizing. Four years ago, in 2016, Jack Ma proposed the concept of eWTP. The purpose is to help small and medium-sized enterprises, young people and women in the world (especially developing countries) to participate in global trade and benefit from the growth of the digital economy. This is a vast e-commerce ecological construction project, including building a digital hub of logistics, payment, customs clearance, and data integration; from the letter "T", it can be divided into four levels: trade, technology, tourism, and training.
A year later, in March 2017, the first overseas eWTP digital hub landed in Malaysia. Subsequently, Rwanda, Belgium, China Yiwu, Ethiopia ... An innovative global logistics network was launched one after another and gradually landed in Africa, Europe, Asia and other regions.
In other words, at that time, Alibaba took the promotion of global inclusive trade as its mission platform, and the global digital transportation line built by rookie became the lifeline of emergency supplies at a critical moment.
The logistics network led by Alibaba is not only a force in international rescue, but also a pioneer in the action of supporting Wuhan.
At the first moment of the escalation of the epidemic, Zhang Yong, chairman of the Alibaba Group Board of Directors, asked Cainiao Logistics to transfer “military” to local people to carry out rescue supplies transportation, and proposed that all medical materials donated by the society should be transported free of charge; logistics companies can not free Yes, the rookie comes to subsidize and cannot charge donors and recipients.
On January 25, the first day of the Chinese New Year, in just 2 hours, Cainiao formed a global team, opened a lifeline, and set up a green channel to carry relief supplies. Among them, in just 6 hours, a medical special warehouse was opened in Wuhan to complete the docking of the technical system and began to receive global relief supplies.
In a critical moment, why can rookie stand the test? The fundamental reason is that its accumulated business capabilities and digital technology in daily business activities can calmly respond to the challenges of emergencies-after the peak moment of Tmall Double 11, today it can calmly respond to the important task of supporting Wuhan.
Data shows that 2019 Tmall Double 11 logistics orders reached 1.292 billion, while in 2014 the total number of Double 11 logistics orders was 278 million, and the number of orders in five years increased by 4 times. Courier delivery is not only efficient, but also faster. And digital technology.
According to media reports, as of March 3, the Cainiao Green Channel has sent nearly 50 million donated materials from mainland China and 38 countries and regions around the world to Wuhan and other places, including 37.5 million masks and 1.75 million protective clothing. These relief supplies reached 72 hospitals and 66 other receiving units in 11 provinces across the country.
Returning to May 28, 2013, Ali and a number of companies jointly set up a rookie network, hoping to build a global open and social logistics infrastructure, and establish a "24-hour national, 72-hour global direct" smart backbone network.
Coincidentally, China's online retail sales exceeded 10 trillion yuan in 2019. In the past seven years, the most intuitive result for users is that the frequency and number of purchases and purchases have increased. According to data from the State Post Bureau, China ’s total express delivery was 9.19 billion in 2013, while it reached 63.52 billion in 2019. 7 times in six years-but the speed of delivery of parcels is getting faster and faster, and the service is getting better day by day.
Why China Express can handle more and more express delivery? The answer is still digital.
For seven years, Cainiao has been driving the industry to digitally upgrade: from the digitalization of parcels through electronic face sheets, to the provision of merchant inclusive services in smart supply chains, the "second-level customs clearance" of the global supply chain, the digitalization of the full chain of Cainiao wrapped express delivery, and the end of Cainiao Post 100m digital solution.
When it was first established, Cainiao stated that the national intelligent logistics backbone network should build an open, shared, and socialized infrastructure platform on the basis of logistics, rather than a courier company. From the beginning of its establishment, Cainiao has set up an open and shared platform as its mission to drive the digital upgrade of the entire industry. By providing e-commerce companies, logistics companies, warehousing companies, third-party logistics service providers, supply chain service providers and other companies High-quality services support the development and upgrade of the logistics industry to high value-added areas, and eventually become the future commercial infrastructure.
Judging from the performance of the fight against the epidemic today, from international and domestic double-line support, to digital innovation and upgrades, and rookie's digital global logistics network, it means that "my family has a female to grow up".
Seeing the rookie's response in a critical moment, I thought of a very classic scene in the history of business, even in the history of war: Why did many German weapons in Germany during World War II be better than the United States, but in the end Germany was defeated? For example, tanks, military fans often feel puzzled, regarding the combat performance, the German Tiger tank is far superior to the American Sherman tank.
The article "Private Enterprise and Victory in World War II: Starting with A.O. Smith, which bombed Japan and Europe" makes a very interesting comparison of military production in Germany and the United States:
"Just when the Germans were still dying to grind their baby bumps with the old concept of a model and a factory; Americans have introduced advanced modular concepts for their own tank production under the guidance of Henry Ford, the god of industry , Standardized production of car bodies, modular use of engines, transmission mechanisms and even turrets, which makes Sherman's versatility and reliability excellent. When you refuel on the battlefield, you will go on life-long maintenance-free, unlike Germans. GM does not say that it takes two minutes to maintain for two hours on the road, and it should be returned to the factory for overhaul in another five minutes. "
A major advantage of assembly line production is that the Tiger can only produce more than 1,000 vehicles while Sherman can produce 50,000 vehicles. From this, the author concludes that the large and developed civil industry in the United States can be transformed into division of labor and cooperation at a critical moment to produce a steady stream of military equipment such as aircraft, artillery, and tanks, thereby supporting the victory of the war. In other words, the excellent production capacity of the United States during World War II was entirely based on the advanced civil industry, and the production capacity out of nothing could be realized in wartime. Although Germany and Japan planned the war earlier than the United States and made more preparations, because their weapons and equipment are only purely dependent on specialized enterprises and do not have a collaborative network, they can only become passive in the end. water.
The biggest feature of Cainiao is the social collaboration on digital capabilities. The Cainiao Green Channel involves mainland China and 38 countries around the world. There are many enterprises that donate materials, and there are also many logistics companies that deliver materials. How to make all links coordinate is a rescue. An important prerequisite for order and efficiency.
Cainiao ’s seven years of efficient collaboration to build a global network that tells us: It ’s not enough to rely on any logistics company or build some warehouses. Let more logistics companies, more warehouses, more vehicles, more people connect together, do not engage in a closed logistics system, and at the same time face the world, build an open and organic collaborative supply chain system.
The important thing is that this network is not built for myself. As the reason why eWTP came into being, Ma Yun believes that the WTO mainly serves large companies. This way is wrong. There should be a system and a network to serve small and medium-sized enterprises around the world.
The epidemic will eventually pass, and life and business will continue. Being able to deliver medical relief materials at critical times will of course be able to show your skills when you resume work.
The epidemic is still ongoing, and express logistics and business resumption are still facing multiple challenges. In order to help the courier network to recover as soon as possible, to better circulate materials, better protect the lives of residents, and better serve businesses, following Alibaba ’s launch of 20 special measures on February 10 to support the development of SMEs, on February 11, Cainiao released 15 specific implementation measures in the supply chain and logistics industry to help businesses and the express logistics industry to win the economic battle in the epidemic. These include subsidizing merchant shipments and express delivery, reducing merchant storage costs, giving cross-border logistics subsidies, opening digital intelligence supply chain products, and starting talent sharing programs.
While maintaining smooth flow, while promoting production. On February 15, the first rookie charter flight took off from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport since the outbreak. More than 300,000 e-commerce parcels carrying Yiwu merchants flew to Liege to help exporters resume work. Many Chinese merchants also took advantage of eWTP's innovative bonded stocking model launched in the Liege hub. During the epidemic period, they will not be closed, and the goods will be delivered from the Liege warehouse to the AliExpress consumers in Europe within three days at the earliest.
eWTP Liege hub can also help European small and medium-sized enterprises to improve their ability to resist risks to a certain extent. Since this year, many Belgian merchants have still achieved considerable growth in Tmall International.
"To fight against the epidemic and to help businesses, two battles, fight together, you must win." When Ali and many partners established Cainiao back then, I am afraid I did not expect to experience such a severe challenge. The powerful logistics digital network is what Cainiao has become the main force in logistics rescue and win the two battles. The performance of Cainiao's calm response to the epidemic today also proved the vision at that time.
At this time, the "new infrastructure" is in the ascendant. At the moment of the special epidemic, 5G networks, data centers, etc., as a new type of infrastructure, have become carriers of new economic development momentum. In Alibaba's view, digitalization is the new infrastructure in the future. Alibaba has opened up its plug-and-play digital capabilities to the whole society, and has become an infrastructure for anti-epidemic and resume work in many places.
For Cainiao, the global layout in seven years, after this campaign, the logistics pattern has been fixed for the next ten years: the visionary layout seven years ago, social collaboration and digital drive, the digital innovation in international trade and logistics four years ago Today, the Cainiao Intelligent Backbone Network brings global digital "high-speed road network" universities to operation and is becoming the logistics infrastructure in the era of digital economy.