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Classification of service

Shanghai logistics service classification

According to customer requirements

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According to the time limit of transportation

By destination

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By demand

By warehouse category

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Collection of payment

Insured transportation

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freight inquiry

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Classification by demand

Shanghai logistics company / select according to cold chain temperature

Constant temperature transportation

Refrigerated transportation

Flat warehouse

 Flat warehouse is a traditional type of warehouse that we are familiar with. It is characterized by natural storage, no high-rise shelves, and a general warehouse with a flat layout. Its scope covers bungalow warehouses, building warehouses, and open-air warehouses. It has the advantages of simple operation and economic benefits.

 In response to the intricate information and operation procedures of the warehouse, as well as the intricate cargo area of the flat warehouse and the random loading of goods, Yingmai Logistics integrates the visualization technology with the WMS management information system, and uses simple graphics and colors to express it intuitively Inventory status and information. This innovation greatly improves the operational efficiency of flat warehouses and provides customers with high value-added flat warehouse services.